Kelantanese Chinese

From – Jed yoong blog journalist.

The Kelantanese in general must be the most patriotic, about their state that is. The other state that comes close is Penang.

But Kelantanese Chinese has to be the most patriotic Chinese that I’ve ever met. I’ve never met Chinese — besides the Penangites, like Wong Chun Wai in his articles, who go on and on about Penang and how great Penangites are — who display such love and pride for their home state.

KL Chinese, descendents of immigrants from China who first settled in KL, are usually a complaining lot. If you talk to one, chances are they will moan about the government and talk about migration plans.

Not the Kelantanese Chinese that I’ve met so far, just a handful. They love their state and are so keen to show me the beauty of Kota Bharu and other places, like the Siamese temples, beaches and Tumpat.

Kelantan is far from the perfect state. And PAS is just a political party. But they must have got something right all these years.

Right now, the fact that The Star has lied to me all these years about Kelantan and PAS makes me question the real Malaysia apart from that potrayed by the BN-controlled media. It’s no joke to be lied to, effectively. I expected a Taliban state: feudal, close-minded, oppressed women. My experience, however, has been the total opposite so far.


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