Can Abdullah Badawi Be Trusted After All the Lies About the Oil Price Hike?

Posted by SM Maulana
Monday, 16 June 2008

Many people have asked me why I have not written anything about the petrol price hike after it was announced to the consternation of the entire nation.

It is not that I had no intention to write about the issue. I just wanted to see what the so-called mainstream media and bloggers would write on an issue that I had warned repeatedly since December 2006 and more intensely in 2007. This is all laid out in my latest book, “The Shadow Money-lenders and the Global Financial Tsunami”.

Recall that when my articles appeared in the “Malaysia Today” website, many bloggers and commentators – hired guns of the Badawi regime and the die-hard fanatics of the Anwar bandwagon went on a rampage trying to discredit my analysis by the use of profanities and character assassination. They went on a rampage against just one person. That was their desperation!

There was a pattern. These scumbags would not dare expose their real identities, with some bloggers using more than one pen-name to give the impression that many did not support my analysis. It was so obvious from the language and choice of words repeated over and over again.

Scumbags such as FFT, DagoRed 94, Ahjamal, Sukinong, HamChak, Ultraman, Myke, Unomalaysia, Fireduck, Born Free, Antiilluminati, Chaptokam, Clim123, Watcheye, Taikotai, Navigator, Pasar-road etc. worked overtime, the silent allies and conspirators of the Badawi regime, but masquerading as “opposition” thereby confusing the rakyat.

The result is that they have done me the biggest favour. For by helping the Badawi regime to lull the people into believing that the good times would continue and the Anwar bandwagon into believing their own lies, the rakyat is now in a state of shock with the sudden announcement of the massive price hike!

The objective of this article is to expose the lies of the Badawi regime as well the lies of the bloggers masquerading as “champions of the rakyat” when their real intention is to confuse and distract the attention of the people from the real issues. Malaysia is starting to experience the consequences of the global financial meltdown.

Ask yourself why the main stream journalists and the above-named scumbags (to name just a few) did not bring to your attention the following:



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