Can’t survive even on RM3,000 a month

Posted by Super Admin
Monday, 16 June 2008

(The Star) – K. Navin, 25, a customer service analyst from Penang working in Petaling Jaya, says it’s impossible for anyone to make ends meet even with a RM3,000-monthly salary.

“I usually go back on weekends twice a month, but I think I can only drive back once in three months. And now it seems I will be forced to take buses.”

Father of two Lawrence Rayappen, 40, says he spends most of his RM3,000 salary on food.

The teacher adds that the cost for his transportation is still manageable. He is now cutting down on entertainment and eating out.

Lawyer Ruth Garnet Maran, 26, spends more than half of her RM3,000 salary on food and entertainment every month.

“I am staying with my parents so I get to save on rent. And I plan to reduce my entertainment expenses.”

Lawyer Choo Dee Wei, 26, says he will cut down on his food bill by cutting down on trips to posh restaurants.

Teacher Zakiah Omar, 42, prioritises her spending according to necessity.

“Give priority to the important things,” says Zakiah.


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