An Ode to Che Det

Posted by SM Maulana
Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A Malaysian Poet

Che Det O Che Det
Would you lambast the PM yet?
Let Pak Dawi alone
He is not your clone

He gave your legacies a rest
Because of your years of excess
You crave to build and manufacture
PETRONAS’ Twin Towers

He wants to go into agriculture
Planting rice and horticulture
What’s wrong with that?
Now that famine is a threat

You claim we are going to the dogs
All because of his indecision
Though we know he does not sleep by the clock
We realize now he has vision

This Ode is my thesis
For the nations’ catharsis

For twenty years and more
You kept the populace sore
Ruling with an iron hand
That’s how you ran boleh land

Using the Eye Ass Ay
You kept your political foes at bay
Rough- shod like a bull
You’re a maestro at ‘divide and rule’
You capitalize on the weakness of the races
Soon you had them tied up with your braces
You made yourself a name
When u started the racial game

It was an ominous hour
The moment u came to power
You joined Umno
‘Cos you wanted to be supremo

‘I have to be more Malay’ –you say
‘Implement divide and rule without delay’
Look East policy is merely a ploy
It is racial harmony you seek to destroy
You understood the Malay psyche
And you played up their turkey
By championing their plight
And fighting for their rights
Their simple minds took flight
Very much to your delight

As long as aiyam master
Let racial relations fester
When you make a corporate run
You summon for Vincent Tan
But why not Abdul Bakar?

It’s fine you use our minds to benefit one another
To instigate inciting hate is utterly gutter
To demonstrate your credibility
You champion the race with ingenuity

You should have joined Emaicee
I doubt Samy would agree
You denied your heritage
When the Indian race you renegade
Now you behave stuck up
Forgetting you are Mamak
You envision yourself a strategist
When it is merely opportunist

Musa, Li and Ibrahim
Can’t contend with this Brahmin
You sacked the former head of Abim
Now, you want to do Pak Lah in
Your neurosis with deputies
T’is but psychotic insecurity
You had the Rulers tied in knots
Then you went after the supreme courts
You tainted our time-honored judiciary
And compromised the nation’s fiduciary
All deals allegedly went through your hand
Because you are Mr. Ten Percent

If you never took a dime
Explain why u appointed Daim

When your cronies demand doles
You gave them license to collect tolls
Surely setting up toll gates
Not the way to make Bill Gates

Making your cronies wealthy
A favor not too healthy
Folks can’t keep money for long
When it is given for a song

Hard work suff’ring and testing
Prudence, saving and sacrificing
These traits are obviously lacking
In the people you are backing

It is like giving children guns
Ere they learn how to run
Vulnerable in competition
Ill prepared for globalization

You shipwrecked a generasi
When u refuse to embrace reformasi
By refusing reforms
Corruption became national norms
The legacies of your predecessors you dampen
As national corruption runs rampant
Albar laments he is your product
Now he and others realize you’re corrupt

We thought you truly uphold the Dacing
When all the while you’re just keling pusing
You exude the trait of an Indian mystic
By silencing your critics
You play with Kulit Wayang
After you ordered Operation Lallang
Karpal and Guan Eng you castrated
Anwar and the hundreds you incarcerated
Detention without trial
Intimidation became your style
You undermined with a vendetta
Judges who came against your agenda

You silenced the conscience of a generation
You should be the one under detention
All those you imprisoned
Are now in power for a reason
Like Joseph who went to prison
God exalted him in season
Whatever you sow you shall reap
That is divine as well as physics
For every action there is an equal reaction
Mu beri kacau Mu kena vilification
You hoodwink the people and influence the courts
But you can’t escape Divine Onslaught
The Commission has given their recommendation
To probe all allegations

This time you cannot testify as you suka
When cross-examined, you can’t say -‘da lupa’
Beloved Karpal you wish to hang
Yet you connive with Lingam the crank
How can birds flock together?
Guess you both have the same feather

When its time to retire
You played with racial fire
Again you pulled the racial card
Mamak – WTF?

C’mon lets have some decency
This is the hour to hancur tyranny
Your sin in a word is: Plunder
Racial harmony and wealth you did squander
How would you remedy the situation?
How about national reparation?
To avoid Divine retribution
Your billions must go through re-distribution
We suggest a “peoples’ petrol subsidy fund”
For all the con you have done
Repent and show goodwill
Or will you be recalcitrant still?


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