Are we being held Captive by the Engineers and Technologists?

Posted by SM Maulana
Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Are we being held Captive by the Engineers and Technologists? Does the World have its Priorities Right?
By Mansor Puteh.

The world has everything we need to survive.

We don’t need to have sophisticated electronic gadgets, fancy and fast cars and other vehicles or jet planes.

In fact, even if all the engineers, designers, scientists, technologists and intellectuals and perhaps international political leaders had stopped thinking and did something else since 2000, or before that, we will still be okay.

Of course, we would not have 3G, fast speed internet connection and more sophisticated computers which are getting smaller and more powerful and laptops that are getting thinner and becoming wristwatches.

But what have all these luxuries brought us?

They have still failed to stop the misery that we see in the world and there are more people in the world who do not have half the things we have and have taken for granted, including having a watch, never mind a cellphone.

The wealthiest countries in the world cannot be proud of their economic achievement because it was done on the backs of the poor.

They can only sell the things they produce to those who can’t manufacture these themselves. So, the more they are left behind in development in their respective countries, the better it is for the wealthier countries; for without the support of the poor, they cannot exist.

Maybe we should ignore the Japanese carmakers and stop looking at the new models that they come up with every six months. Why need to replace our cars every one or two years?

What’s the big deal about being able to drive a car that can run up to 100 kilometers per hour in three seconds? Where can anyone do that on normal roads, other than on racing circuits?

We only need cars that can run smoothly and comfortably and not too fast.

There are many things that the world does not need – like the F-1 races. I won’t want to see it even if I am given a first class ticket. Golf tournaments do not serve any real purpose other than to make a few familiar faces wealthy.

The car racers and golfers make millions per game, while the viewers get sunburn.

If all the F-1 races and golf tournaments are stopped, do you think the world will go crazy?

Let’s not make a few people become fabulously wealthy doing something that they like a lot and not having to do much. We must introduce new plans and games that can cause millions not to go hungry, so everybody wins.

The concept and philosophy of success and personal triumph must be done away with. We must promote the concept and philosophy that we must do everything we can so everybody is equal.

And why do they have to introduce new models of cellphones and computers all the time and compete with each other so new and more sophisticated ones could be put on the market?

I am doing okay with the second computer I bought in 2003 and have managed to do wonders. And I am not about to replace it with a slightly more sophisticated one that is slightly faster than this.

And I have been driving a car that many people would not even look at; it is more suited to the dumpsite than for driving.

But it has taken me places and in safe comfort. And this is what matters.

A friend of mine bought an expensive car but is so scared to go anywhere with it after dark. On the other hand, I can go wherever and park my car anywhere without having to worry about it getting stolen.

I can even put the key in it and I bet no one is insane enough to drive it away.

The world’s experts have all failed us. They have created many things that we do not need. Advertising has made many confused.

There are basically only a few things that we need that these experts have neglected. Maybe they are not intelligent enough.

Here are a few things or important and basic commodities that we have not succeeded in producing.

1) We have not yet succeeded in inventing or creating artificial blood.

2) We have failed to create artificial petroleum.

3) We have failed to solve the problem of tissue rejection. This is important since medical science already has the capability to transplant organs to replace those that are spoilt or have failed, including transplanting a person’s healthy head over a new body, if his body had rotted. Unfortunately, the immunologists have yet to find a way to ensure that there is no tissue rejection.

4) We have failed to introduce a potion that can dissolve cholesterol in foods so that all the food we consume are cholesterol-free so no one will suffer serious heart problems or heart attacks which is a major disease faced by mankind.

5) We have failed to introduce new vaccines to cure AIDS. If we are proud of our human civilization, then we should have already got it by now or even decades earlier so anyone who suffers from AIDS just needs to go to the nearby pharmacy and get some tablets or capsules and rest for a few days, and he will be okay.

6) We have failed to encourage smokers to kick the habit by all means. There is still glamour attached to this habit which is why it is so difficult for many to stop. If given the chance, they would rather kick their wives than cigarettes, because smoking is addictive and its attraction is stronger than that of their wives. This is also why there are many men who are willing to be away from their wives but not their cigarettes.

3) We are still trying to create artificial intelligence.

4) We have also failed to create artificial love.

Maybe humankind has not come up to the level of some animals who are happy just being themselves without having to worry about the world.

It is a pity that the best brains in the world and the more advanced countries in the world have all failed to develop the world properly.

Ironically, the more they develop economically and materially, the more they regress in other ways and continue to remain insecure even despite having developed nuclear arsenal that is supposed to keep them safe.


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