Islamic dept rules Celcom SMS contest against syariah

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — The Celcom 100 Hari 100 Kereta (100 Days 100 Cars) SMS contest has been declared as being against syariah ruling as it contains elements of gambling, ambiguity and wastage.

The director-general of the Islamic Development Department Malaysia (Jakim), Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz, in a statement issued yesterday said the Jakim syariah panel which met yesterday to discuss the matter, unanimously made the decision.

The panel has advised that the telecommunication company prepare a new competition concept that is in line with Islamic principles.

The Celcom SMS contest became an issue when Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin had on June 5 deemed the SMS contest “haram” (forbidden in Islam) as it has elements of gambling.

He said taking part in the contest was viewed as gambling because payment had to be made to answer each question, quite like the four-digit lottery.

“In this contest, one needs to pay or is charged RM5 to guess the answer for a question. This tantamounts to betting, and betting is a form of gambling, which is forbidden in Islam,” he said. — Bernama


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