If I Were Pak Lah ….

Posted by SM Maulana

If I were Pak Lah, and since it would be inevitable that I would have to step down, the only thing left would be to basically try and go off with dignity and on a positive note. Not only that, I would aim to go of on a winning note and silence the critics once and for all and stamp a huge indelible mark in the annals of Malaysian history.Pak Lah’s premiership is under siege and from so many different quarters too. Internally, his own party members are trying to oust him – there’s that announced challenge and call to step down by Tengku Razaleigh/Muhyiddin and there’s also the unannounced but nonetheless real threat from his deputy Najib.Externally, he has to contend with his ex-boss, Mahathir, who is saving no punches in criticizing him, calling for him to step down and maneuvering all he can to topple him. Then, there’s also the specter of the Opposition, led by Anwar Ibrahim, taking over and booting him out of office. Indeed, Pak Lah is really sitting on a hot seat.I don’t think there’s anyone betting that he will be able to stick on. Given the odds, the circumstances and the nature of the different forces confronting him, there is no doubt that he will go. The only questions are “when” and “how”.If I were Pak Lah, and since it would be inevitable that I would have to step down, the only thing left would be to basically try and go off with dignity and on a positive note. Not only that, I would aim to go of on a winning note and silence the critics once and for all and stamp a huge indelible mark in the annals of Malaysian history.Here’s what I would do now :1. Repeal the ISA and replace it with an anti-terrorism law instead (tough laws would still be needed to contain the potential dangerous threats of terrorists).2. Scrap the Printing Presses Act and fully reinstate freedom of speech.3. Reform the judiciary to re-establish its integrity and independence.4. Establish an independent Anti Corruption Agency with real bite. The agency will be headed by a tough, no-nonsense person and the agency will report to a special Commission comprising distinguished people of impeccable credentials and integrity.5. Set up a proper Police Commission to supervise the police force and ensure impartiality and proper discharge of duties.6. Revamp the Elections Commission and the whole electoral process to ensure fully fair elections (no more gerrymandering, phantom voters etc.).7. Amend existing legislation to establish municipal elections as well.8. Pass new legislation that would allow the Prime Minister only a maximum of 2 terms of office. This would help prevent the abuse that would arise from an extended tenure (and it would also be a good technical excuse for me to bow out gracefully).9. Institute full meritocracy in the government, in education and also in the awarding of projects. The idea will be that the government will work with and help out only the deserving and capable. Positions in government will be fully based on capabilities and performance; scholarships will only be given to lower income students and not to children of rich, well-connected Datuks and government jobs will only be awarded to the most capable and cost effective supplier.10. Finally, launch a major anti-corruption drive and cleanup operation from the top to the bottom. This will also be a good opportunity to wipe out all my key opponents as I know I will be able to get them because everybody has some skeletons in the closet that I can expose.How will I get these major reforms through?For once in my life, I will be tough and unyielding and I will bang the table and ram all these changes through. Certain factions in UMNO and BN will oppose the changes but there will be some reasonable numbers who will support the changes as well and the fence-sitters can be persuaded to support me with some pushing. And obviously, there will be another 82 votes of support from the Opposition as well so I’ll be guaranteed the 2/3 majority to push the legislation through.With all these changes, Mahathir will not only be completely silenced but he will also be repositioned to look very bad as the majority of the reforms would basically be undoing all the ills that he has brought to Malaysian politics and tthe government.As for the Opposition, the reforms will leave very little points of contention that they can use against BN and BN may actually get to cruise on to remain in power. Since all the reforms will be genuine and not just superficial makeovers, there’s also very little ground for dissatisfaction amongst the rakyat and the rakyat will be willing to let the present government stay under the new enlightened political landscape.And why would I do all these if I were Pak Lah?1. I need to do it for myself. I have been criticized, vilified and ridiculed for a while now and all along, I have largely been tolerant and reticent. But there comes a time when a man needs to make a stand and the time is now. In one fell swoop, I will show my detractors what real stuff I’m made of. And I will fully silence them.2. I may lose the support of UMNO and BN members but I will fully gain the support and respect of 25 million Malaysians and I think this is the larger consideration. It’s a no-brainer really – it’s more important to keep 25 million people happy rather than the other 2.5 million people. I’m going off anyway, so I don’t care what the party really thinks.3. For all the people in UMNO who have stabbed me in the back and been disloyal and scheming to put me down, it’s payback time. Also, when I go, I’ll make sure that those who inherit the reins of power subsequently will get a system that will not be open to abuse like before and the new leaders will not have all the power and money opportunities that they were craving for when they plotted to get rid of me. This is a “scorched earth policy” for the political spoils and when they take over from me, they will actually have to work and they cannot abuse the system anymore.4. I’m around 70 years old already and I don’t know when I’ll meet my maker. To ensure that I will go up to the penthouse rather than be sent down to the basement next day, I need to have a good report card to bring along with me on judgment day. And with all these reforms, I’ll also be saving a lot of UMNO and BN members by forcing them to change their sinful ways of deceit, avarice and corruption thus giving them salvation as well. I don’t need them to thank me for this though.5. Most importantly, this is the right and proper thing to do and anyone entrusted with the important role of PM has the moral and public duty to fulfill these obligations. And I’m doing just that.————————————————————-If Pak Lah can make all the genuine and proper changes and reforms as outlined above, he will instantly turn from zero to hero overnight and he will earn the love, admiration and respect of all Malaysians for being the Father of Democracy and a truly progressive Malaysia. Not only that, he will stand tall internationally as a truly bold and enlightened leader, a revered visionary and statesman, a lofty status no other PM has ever achieved.Pak Lah, if you ever get to read this, I sincerely hope you will think deeply about what has been written. Despite what others say, I believe you have the nobility and righteousness in you to ultimately do what is right to positively change the destiny of Malaysia.By Political Doctor


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