Negeri makes aid to the poor a priority

Posted by SM Maulana

SEREMBAN: All non-critical state projects will be postponed so that funds can be channelled to the poor.
Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said projects that were not important to the people now, like community halls, could be delayed until the economic situation improved.

“Projects which have already been tendered out will go on as planned,” he said, adding that the state secretary and relevant department heads would be giving him a list of the projects soon.

“Due to the escalating price of goods, many families are now finding it difficult to make ends meet. It is better for us to use this money to help them,” said the menteri besar after chairing the state executive council meeting here.

He said the money saved from the postponed projects would be channelled to the state Welfare Department which would then use the money to help the poor.

“At present, Baitul Mal is giving RM100 each to 4,900 needy people in the state. From July till the end of the year, we will be giving them a 10kg bag of rice each, which will cost us an additional RM500,000.

“There is a lot of aid being given by the government. Sometimes, this aid does not reach the target groups. We are doing all we can to enhance the delivery system.”

Mohamad said the state was also looking to review the minimum poverty line from RM385 to a figure which was in line with the current standards of living.

For this year, he said the state had an approved budget of RM282 million, of which 50 per cent had been used to pay the salaries of civil servants.

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