PAS Candidate Wants EC To Declare Him The Winner In Sanglang

Posted by SM Maulana

Perlis PAS commissioner Hashim Jasin hopes that the Election Commission (EC) can reach a reasonable decision on the status of the Sanglang state constituency which was declared vacant by the court Wednesday.

Hashim, the PAS candidate who lost to Abdullah Hassan (Barisan Nasional) in the constituency in the last general election, hoped that the EC could declare him as the winner in the election.

“If this (declaration of the PAS candidate as the winner) does not materialise, PAS will file an appeal to the Federal Court and if a by-election is held, we will boycott the election,” said Hashim.

He said that he was not pursuing the title `Yang Berhormat’ by disputing the result of the last general election but wanted to uphold the truth.

In the general election on March 8, Abdullah won with a majority of 149 votes after garnering 3,384 votes while Hashim had 3,235 vote.

Hashim claimed that the result contradicted the facts on Form 14 of the statement of vote count which showed him winning with a majority of 47 votes after obtaining 3,333 votes compared with the 3,286 votes obtained by Abdullah.

In May, Hashim filed a petition in court to seek a declaration that he was the winner but the Election Court today dismissed the application and instead declared the Sanglang state seat as vacant.

Abdullah, a former staff of Syarikat Padiberas Nasional Berhad (Bernas), meanwhile accepted the court decision which declared the state constituency vacant. – BERNAMA


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