Unjust RM 1.5 Million Ex-Gratia Payment To Ex-Justices

I was at a forum in Teluk Intan on Sunday where at long last, an MP revealed what he understood to be the amount awarded as Ex-Gratia payment to the Tun Salleh Abas and his chums. RM1.5 MILLION EACH!

Why RM 1.5 Million to these ex-justices? At a time when the government is cutting back on spending, affecting us the rakyat, why give these ex-judges such high ex-gratia payments when:

1. The case that led to their dismissal has not been properly over-turned in court.

2. Those that were dismissed actually still received their pensions, out of kindness of the ex-PM.

3. Now I hear that some of those who didn’t even get dismissed are getting this ex-gratia payment! For what!



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