BN Backbenchers Club upset with Nazri

KUALA LUMPUR, June 26 — The Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBCC) is upset with Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz for branding it childish and gangster-like for removing a barricade at the Parliament lobby on Tuesday.

The barricade was initially put up to ban reporters from the lobby.

BNBCC chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said the backbenchers felt insulted by the description as they were merely trying to rectify the situation.

He said BNBCC members felt that it was unfair to restrict the media’s movement in Parliament it was there to do its job.

“When we felt this thing was not proper (not allowing the media to enter the lobby), we try to rectify it (situation). This was after we had checked with the Speaker who seemed to have no knowledge about it (barricade).

“Then, my colleague went to see Nazri who said he did not know. Later, we checked with the Parliament House Committee and they also said they did not have such ruling.

“Therefore, we felt we should open it. No point in having such (a) barricade as this will create unneccesary misunderstanding between the media and BN,” Tiong said today.

Without naming the person who give the order to barricade the lobby, Tiong said: “Why did the person who made the decision (to have the barricade) not face the problem? Why run away?

“We must be brave enough. If we make a mistake, we must apologise. In this world, nobody can claim he did not make a wrong decision as we are human beings.”

He said it was inappropriate to brand MPs in such a manner as they were elected by the people.

“If you think we (MPs) are not right, you must at least respect our constituencies. Don’t simply label us as gangsters and the BNBCC as a gangster club,” he added.

Therefore, Tiong said, the BNBCC would hold a meeting on Monday to discuss the issue and decide on the next course of action to be taken as it felt Nazri had gone overboard. — Bernama


2 thoughts on “BN Backbenchers Club upset with Nazri”

  1. Salam
    Nazri has got this syndrome- the others are childish, he’s the only matured MP in parliament . Stupid ppl who voted him in- a real mafia, crook…. you continue with the other superlatives to describe.

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