Fuel commission for station operators raised

Posted by SM Maulana

KUALA LUMPUR, June 26 — The commission for fuel station operators for petrol and diesel sales has been increased to 12.19 sen and 7 sen per litre from 9.5 sen and 4.5 sen per litre respectively from yesterday.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad, in a statement yesterday, said the decision was made as part of government efforts to assist fuel station operators who were facing the negative effects of the subsidy restructuring for petrol and diesel since June 5.

He said the government controlled the petrol and diesel retail price at the fuel stations through the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM) which covered the commission for station operators.

“After the price restructuring their commission became smaller, making it difficult for them to cope with their operational costs. This could affect petrol and diesel supply to consumers.”

He said the government also decided to implement the self-service system at fuel stations of known brands throughout the country except at the small stations in rural areas, effective Aug 1.

“The operating hours for all fuel stations nationwide are from 6am to midnight, effective July 1. However, the operators can apply to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Department offices in the states if they need to operate 24 hours daily.”

Shahrir said petrol stations operating along the highways could operate round the clock.

Meanwhile, at a press conference, he said the decision on the commission increase was made following a discussion between his ministry and the Finance Ministry on Tuesday, and was based on several factors including evaporation, credit card and fleet card charges and the operating licence fee.

“The Petrol Dealers Association Malaysia had for a long while been asking for a commission increase and the ministry had studied all its requests and what is left to be resolved is the credit card charge.”

Shahrir said his ministry was still in discussion with Bank Negara on the former’s proposal that the one per cent charge on credit card use to purchase petrol and diesel be reduced.

“We hope Bank Negara can help us by persuading commercial banks to reduce the charge.

“This is because petrol and diesel are controlled items where the price and profits are also determined by the government.”

He said banks needed to cooperate with the government to lessen the burden of the people and petrol station operators, which could not solely rely on profits from the fuel price increase.

“To me, a 0.5 per cent charge should be enough. This will help consumers and fuel station operators under the current trying economic situation,” he added. — Bernama


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