Japan to Build Huge Solar Power Plants to Power Sharp Factories

The city of Sakai in Japan is going to have a glittering new “green” addition in 2010, when Sharp and Kansai Electric Power build two massive solar-electric power plants there. In a bid to make Sharp’s factories more eco-friendly, the two plants will generate 10 megawatts and 28 megawatts of electricity and reduce CO2 emissions by 10 kilotons yearly. Apparently the “Sakai City Waterfront Mega Solar Power Generation Plan” will be among the biggest like it in the world, and is part of a bid by Sakai to become a leading eco-friendly city. Smashing, and means Sharp gadgets can be bought with a clearer conscience.

Today Sharp Japan [JP], the city of Sakai and Kansai Electric Power [JP] announced [JP] the so-called “Sakai City Waterfront Mega Solar Power Generation Plan”. Under the initiative, two mega solar power generation plants are to be built in Sakai (near Osaka) by 2010.

One facility will have an output of 10,000 kW, while the second plant is planned to produce 28,000 kW. The complex will be one of the largest of its kind in the world. Sharp and Kansai Electric claim when the plan is realized, the solar facilities will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10,000 tons yearly.

The solar energy will be used for factories Sharp and other companies operate in Sakai. The city is planning to become one of Japan’s leading “green” cities.


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