Kleptocrats in PKR too

Whether it is Umno or keADILan, they are still the same.

In Malaysia, we citizens must come to accept the reality of a thing, and have self-consciousness in that simple thing.

This elite group of people, they are in Umno and they support Umno, for just one reason – the 3Ps: Power, Position, & Projects.

They don’t get it, they will turn the table on their leaders. It is their core values, pure culture, and the very essence of the thing they call ketuanan; it wasn’t intended to make others slaves; it was only objectively intended that they must be bestowed with the 3Ps.

The same people from Umno, is also the same people in keADILan, albeit some.

The day Khalid Ibrahim becomes MB is also the same day his machais had presumed that they had been bestowed with the 3Ps. They start to become the new demi-gods; they start to act in hole-liness; they start cari makan, cari lubang, and cari agent; they start to sell projects, giving supporting letters in the name of the Minister so as to apply undue influence in the name of efficiency and necessity.

Is Power, Position and Projects the only essence of Umno-centric & keADILan-centric politicians and members? I’m afraid it is observed to be as such. Sabak Bernam division chief Dr Badrul Amin said the members (of PKR) have braved water cannon and beatings and have been loyal to PKR for years but they were sidelined. He was referring to the failure of the Selangor government under the leadership of PKR Khalid to appoint their members to be councillors. Badrul said many party members had been sidelined as the MB had chosen professionals over them.

So, what’s the commonality and differences between Umno and keADILan? Except for the fact that they are different people of the same origin, they share common characteristics and values. It is still the 3Ps, after all!

Sad to say, we have yet to see a political party who truly put the peoples’ interest before their own personal interest. We are not dealing with absolutes; what we would be happy is empirical knowledge, a posteriori, or, have synthetic knowledge. But the observations betray all philosophies.

Well, if the citizens thought Pakatan Rakyat can be different and will not be the same; then it would need these people, who had defected from one vehicle source to another vehicle source, to go through a blood transfusion and a radically insidious paradigm shift of values and culture.


One thought on “Kleptocrats in PKR too”

  1. ..buy illegal immigrant before the PRU, sell illegal immigrant after the PRU, human trafficking act in nusantara, poor being labeled as illegals to meet the political agenda..of the power, who buys them? he sells them back.



    ..bersatu bangsa ku bangsa nusantara, membela bangsa ku bangsa nusantara..mendukung aspirasi nusantara yang di jajah, selamat kan bangsa ku di titis darah rasuah di titis darah PRU di titis darah kemerdekaan di dukung mereka dengan jaminan kerakyatan dan permit kerja..kekal kan mereka di sini..demi PRU mendatang..demi republik demi milik rakyat sebenar, fresh dari noda..

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