Lim says Kedah MB not properly advised

CHIEF Minister Lim Guan Eng yesterday accused the Kedah government of working with timber concessionaires from Sarawak close to the Barisan Nasional in water catchment areas in the Ulu Muda forest reserve.

He said Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak should reconsider the idea in view of the link to BN.

“We hope he will reconsider because he is teaming up with these timber concessions from Sarawak which are closely-linked to BN parties.”

He said it was ironic Azizan was doing so and that “perhaps he was not properly advised” on the matter.

“After winning power, to be working so closely with BN vested interests is something quite unexpected.”

Lim said the DAP was opposed to the move as it would affect water resources in both Kedah and Penang.

He was speaking to the New Straits Times in Jakarta after a presentation at the 2nd World Peace Forum yesterday.

The controversy began after Azizan urged the Federal Government to allocate RM100 million annually or face the possibility of logging in water catchment areas in the state.

He had said that the state government was losing millions in revenue because they could not log trees for timber.

Azizan, who said that timber near the catchment areas was worth over RM16 billion, ran into criticism for suggesting that the Ulu Muda forest reserve be logged.

Among his fiercest critics was Lim who had said that logging in the area would lead to catastrophic effects, especially at the Muda Dam.

Meanwhile, he told the forum that globalisation was a better model for world peace than geopolitics.

“Globalisation creates ideas, the ability to acquire knowledge. Geopolitics decides whether or not we go to war.” – NST


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