No Meeting With Umno Leaders – Nik Aziz

PAS spritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said Wednesday he would not be holding any meeting with Umno leaders to prevent fissures within PAS.
He said any negotiation with Umno would only disunite PAS because some members would not agree to it.

“On talks that I will be holding negotiations with Umno, I wished to reply, there will be no such meeting.

“We do not want this to cause disunity in PAS,” he told reporters after chairing the Kelantan state executive council meeting here Wednesday.

Nik Abdul Aziz who is also the Kelantan Menteri Besar said PAS cared the feelings of party members and supporters and would not want the coming muktamar (convention) to be a place for members who opposed the idea to vent their anger.

On other matters, Nik Aziz said the state government would introduce more measures to address the effects of the recent fuel price hike.

“The state government has been carrying out an austerity drive for sometime based on Islamic teachings, that is no wasteful spending while at the same time, not being stingy in managing the state’s finances,” he said.

Among measures which had been carried out included instructing government officers to fly on economic fares except for health reasons and reducing the state executive councillors’ allowances.

Nik Abdul Aziz said the allocation for state functions had also been reduced by 30 per cent and they must be held at government halls.

He said office electricity had to be switched off during breaks unless there were employees working and the purchase of furniture had been held back. – BERNAMA


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