Having muzzled their own supporters, BN is now trying to prevent the Press from being present in Parliament to hear debates and meet MPs.

As expected Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament supported the motion on the removal of subsidy for petroleum. Obviously the whip had been used. Only one Sabah MP expressed his unhappiness at the short notice given for tabling this motion. Yet every MP knows that the price of petrol is a big burden for the people.

On Monday June 24th, the public expected to hear about a motion of no confidence against Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi by the Sabah Progressive Party. I had predicted that it would not happen as the Speaker would disallow it.

But it was the SAPP that decided not to table it. Its MPs were recalled to Sabah amidst talks of threats being made against them.
The “vote of confidence” by BN MPs over the oil subsidy is, as the opposition pointed out, not necessary at all. The deed is already done and debate would be superfluous.

The Prime Minister was happily smiling over this theatrical show but I think once again the Government has failed to appreciate the displeasure of the public. The vote of confidence means nothing to people who are now facing increase in prices of everything as a result of the withdrawal of subsidy. It will only alienate more people against the Government. If a referendum is held today the Government would lose.



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