Monorail, PORR and BN’s bye bye to Penang

Malaysiakini in a report “EPU: Penang monorail, Porr shelved” mentioned that:

Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister’s Department today said that the RM2 billion Penang Monorail and RM1.5 billion Penang Outer Ring Road have been shelved.

According to EPU director-general Dr Sulaiman Mahbob, projects that are not people-centred under the original Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) will be put on hold or deferred…………

…..Met later, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said the deferment of the two Penang mega-projects was not a punishment on Penangites who voted in the opposition-led state government

Penang is a small island which is heavily populated and the population is increasing. Because of the poor transport system within the island, there have been a tremendous growth of motor vehicles clogging the road system, resulting in degradation of living environment and quality of life. Penang Island is badly in need of a good public transport system such as the monorail. To shelve it citing that this is not a people-centric project is like telling people that ‘chalk is black and charcoal is white’.



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