Agony of foreign spouses for PR – the worst cases

Lets have the worst cases of the agony of foreign spouses of Malaysians to get PR (permanent residence) status, so that Parliament and the government can hear about them – with the Home Minister having to respond as well.

You can either write on this blog or email me.


Visa rules

There are thousands of foreign spouses who are on Dependent or Employment visas renewable until last year on a yearly basis.

However since 2007, spouses are able to renew their visas for upto 5 years.

(Most often we cannot afford to pay the visa charges for 5 years at one time)

Spouses do not get Permanent Resident status even after spending more than 15 years in the country and we have Malaysian school going children.

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One thought on “Agony of foreign spouses for PR – the worst cases”

  1. I married my Sarawakian husband in 2004. We stayed in KL for 2 years and moved back to Sibu in 2006. I was told my visa which was applied in Shah Alam was not valid in Sarawak.

    I reapplied my visa again in Sarawak. I was told I cannot extend my current visa and have to get the Shah Alam officer to transfer my file to Kuching. I called them and was told it was not possible. What’s going on here? I never figure out.

    Every month I paid RM100 to avoid overstay for 6 months. I left for Australia after that happily. So I don’t really care now whether they approve my visa.

    The staff in the Immigration offices are very extremely unfriendly, unhelpful, unknowledgable and arrogant. I had lived in Singapore, Australia for over 10 years before I settled in Malaysia.(Btw, I am Chinese Indonesian) I must say Malaysia is one of the worst countries one would live in. If I have a choice, I would not want to. But bad luck for me as my husband refuses to work elsewhere now.

    There are many foreign spouses who are skilled and can better improve Malaysia standards of living, yet we are being treated with unfairness and hostility. It’s hard enough to get a visa to stay in Malaysia, let alone a working visa. I am an Accounting graduate.

    Honestly I would never give up my current citizenship to be Malaysian. I only hope that we foreign spouses are able to apply visas or even PR status without much difficulties and hassles.

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