Malaysiakini reported today that Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is increasing its fuel surcharge by 10% to 30% on all international sectors effective from today.
With this new increase, a travel from Malaysia to India, on a single journey would be increased from RM288 to RM406 while to Australia or New Zealand be increased from RM457 to RM643 and to Britain be increased from RM575 to RM771.

It was reported that MAS had fore-warned a few days ago that it would be a “very tough” ride ahead for air travellers.

MAS Managing Director Datuk Seri Idris Jala was quoted as saying that the increase in fuel surcharge would be “competitive” since it comprise of 40% of the airline cost while jet fuel had hit a record of US$173.55 (RM560.56) a barrel on May 27 before falling to US$161.85 (RM522.77) in Singapore last Friday.
Travel Operators have expressed their disappointment on the increase in surcharge since it would affect their business.


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