What is so subjudice to discuss about Raja Petra’s SD?

These morons claims subjudice as it is for one’s own political convenience without even understanding the meaning or what sub judice all is about.

The whole purpose of subjudice is to avoid circumstances where the court process will be affected by such comment or affected by pressures generated by such comment, to the detriment of public justice. Yes undertand this concept. This concept is only applicable if we are talking about a jury trial that we, the society have gladly abandoned over a decade ago due to our ignorance.

Trial of jury is alike a freedom of speech or freedom of religion in a democracy process.

Are you telling the Malaysian public and its honorable elected representative that, it is sub judice because a non jury judge sitting deciding on the law and fact can be influenced and hindered to provide an impartial and proper verdict on their extremely precious comments. Gosh!!!!, they must really think that we are suckers and of course the judge is the ultimate sucker.

The sub judice rule is understandable and acceptable where a jury is sitting in the issue, but the defence of sub judice by these morons are not acceptable when the issue is before a judge sitting alone. It is really pathetic and sad that these morons think that extraneous comments on Raja Petra’s SD on the case or the issue can actually affect their learned judge. A judge is a judge, he/she is a judge because of the faith that the society have in him/her to execute his/her judgement based on the intention of the law and facts that reflects his/her conscience for the well being of the society and naturally public interest.

In Malaysia, it is very easy to shut and clamp down everything down on the pretext of law although the law supposedly serves the goodwill of the society. Raja Petra through his unorthodox method raises public interest in a court without jury and his interference with the administration of justice to seek the truth is a welcome act for the society as the society continues to educate itself with the thought to act against these dogmatic practices that defeats the goodwill of our society.

What Raja Petra has brought about is of public interest in seeking the truth so let’s act and support Raja Petra in unraveling the truth for our society collectively rather than continuing being in the sideline.

R. Shan (Human Being)


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