Malaysia-Turkey relationship tense in Anwar standoff

Anwar is holed up at the Turkish Embassy

Written by Staff Writer

The PKR insisted that fresh sodomy accusations were linked to the fact that Anwar Ibrahim has been in possession of evidence that proves the involvement of the current Police Chief and the Attorney General office in plots against Anwar.

The idea of a standoff with the Malaysian police from within the facades of the Turkish Embassy – though embarrassing for the Malaysian government – is to protect the life of the man seen as the future Prime Minister of Malaysia. The Party Keadilaan Rakyat (PKR) which has 32 seats in the Parliament said it feared for the life of Anwar Ibrahim and had decided that it was best for the popular leader to hole himself in the Turkish embassy for safety reasons.

It is obvious that this creates tension between Turkey and Malaysia but the aim of this tension is surely to get foreign governments involved in what Anwar is now calling a truncated accusation of sodomy against him. The accusation is believed to have come from a ‘mole’ who was working in the office of Anwar Ibrahim. The victim of the present sodomy accusation against Anwar is apparently well known to high officials of the government and of the ruling United Malay National Organization (Umno). Pictures of the mole with members of the government and of the Malay party were splattered on the Malaysia Today website on Sunday.

The PKR said Anwar will be at the Turkish embassy indefinitely which indicates there is an attempt by the opposition leader to force the government and the police altogether to abandon the sodomy case and to let Anwar go freely. It is an attempt to bend the police from aiding anti-Anwar elements in what is seen by many as a new plot to undermine his political career.

According to the Malaysia Insider website, Anwar’s choice of the Turkish Embassy for protection is not surprising. The website says that since his release from jail after the Federal Court overturned his conviction for sodomy in 2004, Anwar has struck a close relationship with Turkish Premier Reccep Erdogan.

It also added that the Opposition politician leaned heavily on strategists from Erdogan’s AKP in planning Pakatan Rakyat’s successful election campaign. “This assistance (from the Turks) was frowned upon by the government and since then, government officials have been suspicious of Erdogan’s motives and of Anwar’s link with the AKP,’ wrote the Malaysian Insider.

There seem to be surprise and consternation in the political circles of Malaysia with the fresh accusations of sodomy against Anwar, with many observers saying that the plotters – if it is a plot against Anwar – are losing the plot and that the Malaysians do not believe in such accusations anymore.

A sign of Anwar Ibrahim’s trust in the Islamic lead government in Turkey, a decision that can lead to a standoff between Malaysia and Turkey, is his seeking refuge at the Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Questions arise on why not the American Embassy instead but the answers are certainly one of mistrust in the Bush administration, says observers.



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