Malaysiakini reported today that Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) Youth Chief, S A Vigneswaran had resigned effective 3pm today. Vigneswaran made this announcement at a press conference at the Hokkien Association Hall in Klang. Vigneswaran who is closely-related to MIC President Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu was about to be removed from office if not for his immediate resignation by the MIC President.
Vigneswaran, a lawyer by profession due to the full assistance of the MIC is also very well known within the MIC circles as one of the ‘gangster leader’ who provides ‘protection’ services to MIC leaders from time to time. Vigneswaran was a elected Member of Parliament and a cabinet member during the previous tenure of the BN government.
MIC seems to be facing a severe internal crisis and this seems to be the tip of the iceberg. MIC had failed drastically during the recently concluded general elections and ever since then, there is a force that wants to topple the MIC leadership since every top leaders had failed to retain their parliament seats.
But whatever happens, until and unless MIC is revamped, the Indian community can expect NOTHING from MIC. MIC is just a ‘under-dog’ to UMNO, now and forever. The only thing that MIC brags about is that its the ‘champion of the Indians’ but they cheat and swindle the Indian community wholesale.
Its time for the Indians to live without the MIC unless they change their mindset and ‘fight’ for their rights as equal partners in the Malaysian society.


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