“Who’s getting screwed” “Who’s doing the screwing?”

Malaysian society today needs an uprising against the current mode of modus operandi of these imbeciles by setting a new set of order that will ensure the well being of our society.

R.Shan (Human Being)

I don’t think I need to answer that as you are as aware as I am. My question is for how long are we going to get screwed due to the inaction on our part individually for the society, collectively.

Anwar’s latest alleged sodomy episode is a classic example of who is doing the screwing. The screwing is only possible with all the heavy weight apparatus if we the Malaysian society don’t change our mindset and act on our own individual way collectively so that we won’t be screwed.

Yes, we need public awareness and uprising in the society from all level so that an uprising can happen against those who continue to do the screwing. This can only happen if you, me and the other jive together for a collective purpose and act so that we don’t get screwed as a society.

Anwar faced this same shit in 1999 and everyone knew that and the Non- Malays stood on the sideline although it was so obvious it was the act of “Who was doing the screwing”.

Today nine year later, this is not the same scenario, Malaysians are today are at a different path and wave length, being Malaysian inrespective of color, race, religion or following with a sense of belonging to one another in a society.

Today, in Malaysia we should not be paralysed by our own uncertainty but reach out to have the courage and wisdom above this helplessness and act collectivelty to screw those “Who are doing the screwing”. This can only materialize if we, the society act together with a common goal of screwing these imbeciles who seems never to fail in amazing us.

The uncertainty is your fear in disguise, but when you act as a society and our worthiness individually to seeking truth, justice and fairness, it is impervious to fear.

The value that we Malaysian stand for today should be that we conquer our uncertainty and recognize our own individual responsibility towards our society, for it’s well being and express it in the way we think and more particularly by our fearless act for our fellow Malaysians.

The whole incident of Anwar is again a wake up call to our society on the extend of the unchecked governance and self righteous attitude to serve a few. We, the society make or break the governance, we the society care for human life and happiness and not the destruction championed by a few for their own purpose.

Anwar’s incident, Bersih, Hindraf and RPK are all eye openers to the society how the dogmatic system and so called legal apparatus are used to shackle the society to abide and follow or face the repercussion.

Malaysian society today needs an uprising against the current mode of modus operandi of these imbeciles by setting a new set of order that will ensure the well being of our society.

The uprising of the Malaysian society should be irrespective of race, class or order but one that seeks the equality, truthness and fairness in the cause for the society’s well being.

Many Anwar, Bersih, Hindraf, RPK will come and go but until and when we, individually are able to recognize and act collectively, we will continued to be screwed by those who are doing the screwing.

The latest event should only strengthen our conviction and create a wave of the People Power to show that we cannot be enslaved when what is sought is for our society and the future generation. We the society through our uprising and emergence shall dictate the nation’s future and challenge a pre-planned direction that is decided by the ruling machinery that only serves their purpose as oppose to the goodwill of the society.

For a start, we should start a campaign to kick out the AG and the police chief. They are elected by the ruling government on our mandate, so let us mobilize our mandate collectively as a society to make this happen. Sure, we kick these guys out and another “kiss my ass guy” will be placed. This is not the issue, but we the society should be able to dictate the direction of the country for our conviction although individually we are just a participant.

Malaysia today, now is ready for the uprising to create the change for our society with tollled courage and wisdom and for once we, the society shall be doing the screwing and not being screwed.


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