Mahathiriskma – Najib vs DSAI

POsted By SM Maulana

The Electronic New Paper

LIKE a wayang with sinister overtones, another bombshell was dropped in the latest Anwar saga.

Yesterday, at his Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) headquarters, Mr Anwar Ibrahim presented to the press a private investigator (PI) with a startling story to tell.

PI Balasubramaniam Perumal claimed Malaysian deputy prime minister Najib Razak had admitted to a top aide that he had a relationship with Ms Altantuya Shaaribuu, a Mongolian woman killed in 2006.

It might be second-hand information (that cannot be verified for now because the top aide, Abdul Razak Baginda, is in jail) but the revelation was presented with much drama by PKR.

Yesterday’s press conference came in the wake of events that have rocked Malaysia since a PKR aide made a police report on Saturday alleging that Mr Anwar had sodomised him.

Security was tight.

Only journalists, cameramen and bloggers like Raja Petra, who has also made his own allegations in the Altantunya case, were allowed into the crowded conference room.

Mr Anwar, 61, who was sacked a decade ago and jailed six years on sodomy and corruption charges, said he was not targeting anybody specifically.

He said: ‘It’s nothing personal here. Some people try to portray it as a personal battle (between Najib and him).

‘I have evidence and will submit it. We are talking about the country, credibility of the institutions of this country, state of economy… It’s not about Najib, Anwar or Altantuya’.

The PI’s revelation has serious implications for the already tarnished image of key institutions like the police, Attorney General’s chambers and the judiciary, Mr Anwar claimed.

‘Mr Bala’s evidence vindicates what we have been saying all along; there has been no proper investigation of the murder of Ms Altantuya and the investigation and proceedings in court seem to be following a pre-arranged script for a pre-arranged outcome,’ declared Mr Anwar.

But one question thrown from the floor, regarding his alleged assault on his former aide, jolted Mr Anwar.

Mr Anwar said loudly in Malay: ‘Are you an Umno representative?

‘You can tell your friends that questions about the condo will be answered in court.

‘My position is clear… I have enough evidence and an alibi to defend myself.’


Back to the latest twist of this political soap opera, the PI claimed that the police had deliberately suppressed statements that might have indicated Mr Najib’s involvement in the Mongolian woman’s killing.

The PI made a sworn declaration about this on 1 Jul.


Because he claimed he was disturbed by the fact that the police had not revealed what he had told them during questioning.

Mr Bala said in his declaration that he had been hired by Abdul Razak to help him cope with Ms Altantuya, who had been harassing him over money issues.

Abdul Razak, a prominent political analyst and friend of Mr Najib, is on trial for abetting the killing of Ms Altantuya.

Mr Bala said his allegations were based on what Ms Altantuya and Abdul Razak had told him.


Some of the allegations were that Ms Altantuya had been introduced to Abdul Razak by Mr Najib at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.

He also said that all three had been seen together at a dinner in Paris.

Mr Balasubramaniam alleged that Abdul Razak had told him that Mr Najib had confessed to having a ‘sexual relationship’ with her previously.

This has been denied vehemently by the Malaysian DPM.

Mr Balasubramaniam acknowledged his information was hearsay.

‘It is not a statement of truth. It is a statement of what was said to him.
‘Whether it is true or not he doesn’t know,’ said his lawyer, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu.


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