Saiful sodomized? Bala sodomized!

Sodomy, sodomized, sodomites. Malaysia’s latest political interests.

Note I wrote sodomites (plural), to embrace Balasubramaniam’s revelation about Najib in his original Statutory Declaration, in which we all heard from Bala who heard from Razak Baginda who heard from Najib who heard from ……..

Yes, if you can believe Bala (even if he had not withdrawn the Stat Dec), Najib was allegedly recounting to Razak Baginda that the late Altantuyaa loved being shafted in her rear end. That salacious allegation (now legally withdrawn but undoubtedly spreading like wildfire in the ‘heartland’ for which the contents of the Stat Dec have been gnam gnam) makes Najib a sodomite whether true or not.

Then, high drama (we all know about it by now) Bala did a go-starn (reverse) as Malaysiakini reported in PI retracts stunning statutory declaration after he was last known to have reported to a police station on the advice of his lawyer Americk Singh, when the police wanted to query him on the Stat Dec.

So, unaccompanied as Anwar himself definitely would NOT have been if the ‘world’s greatest’ were to report to a police station, what would this former police corporal, alone by himself, have encountered?

After Anwar’s triumphant press conference where he presided in majestic moralising mood as Bala first announced to a stunned Malaysian media the alleged dirt on Anwar’s Nemesis, Najib, I find Anwar’s complete apathy and tidak-apa (couldn’t care less) attitude towards Bala’s post press conference protection amazing (or should I be?).

He was advised by his lawyer to report to the police station, as summoned, but unaccompanied by his own lawyer. Equally amazing!

Indeed, where was his lawyer? Why didn’t he accompany Bala to the police station? How could Bala, who looked like the type down and out financially, afford the service of a lawyer? Was it pro bono?

Like a used condom, Bala was already cast off after he had smeared Najib. A soiled tissue to be discarded to the vagaries of the winds of fate, to be kept at a distance as he was of no further use to the ‘world’s greatest’.

But wait, what if ……..

If he was frightened out of his skin, into reversing his Stat Dec, I would not be surprised if that possible outcome could have been catered for in the strategic planning, because if/when that happens (and it has), the normal public conclusion would be the government, to wit Najib, must have terrorized poor Bala into recanting.

A double jeopardy for Najib whichever way – smiles all round and silent congratulations on a nicely rounded plan.

Beguiled Bala was to be the sacrificial goat, to trap the tiger.

Bodoh (not brave) Bala was the dead meat.

Not only that, now in Malaysiakini’s Did Bala commit an offence? Karpal Singh and many lawyers believe that Bala shouldn’t have withdrawn the original Stat Dec which they also reckon was the true one.

Therefore Bala must be investigated for perjury and in necessary, jailed.

Why don’t those legal Solomons ask their lawyer colleague, Americk Singh, why he hadn’t accompanied Bala to the police station?

Why don’t they ask their political colleague, Anwar Ibrahim, why he hadn’t made basic provisions for the protection of Bala, who didn’t have the sanctity of the Turkish or US Embassy to scurry to for cover?

I suppose it’s easier to bash Corporal Bala than Commander Anwar.

Like Altantuyaa, Bala has been used for someone’s political agenda – see my lamentation for Altantuyaa in this regard in Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again.

Related: My earlier post Anwar Ibrahim – disruptive and divisive as ever.

Like Altantuyaa, Bala is likely to be punished twice – but unlike Altantuyaa he isn’t dead yet.

So Balasubramnaiam may well end up being the ONLY one in the politics of sodomy who would be truly shafted in his behind good and proper, in other words, sodomized for foolishly daring to believe in and play along with the agenda of an ambitious self-centred politician.

Bala has already been sodomized and, if those pious pontificating poorah Solomons would have it, will be sodomized again – and unlike the child in the Bible, to be split into two halves! — KTemoc


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