Pants Stripping Issue – Defending PAS (To A Degree)

I arrived at the Stadium around 830pm & immediately got down to my digging, investigating & psychosociological observations / research. Here are some of things I got:

* There we’re less PAS supporters at that time compared to the afternoon.
* All the Unit Amal guys we’re missing & let me tell you with 100% certainty & from seeing it with my own eyes – AMK Security (Angkatan Muda Keadilan) we’re really F’in up. Many of them we’re unprofessional, not taking charge efficiently & effectively, aggressive & biadap, egoistical & immature, uncoordinated & even violent at times. One of my DAP friends whom was helping Lim Kit Siang get into the stadium was pushed down by one of the members. He landed badly & was in much pain & a rather bad mood. Even Kit Siang looked disturbed as there was much pushing, shoving & monkey like behaviour from the time he got out of the car, till the time he got into the stadium. I should know, I was standing right next to him & even got some blows during all the commotion. The conduct of the greedy & Kiasu press & their photographers we’re no better!
* If you have seen Unit Amal of PAS in action, you will understand what I mean when I say that I have much respect for them. DAP or PKR will not be able to put something like Unit Amal together for sometime (quality!). Having said that, let me tell you about the huge ceramah in SS2 ceramah during the last elections. There was no security groups there at all. Kit Siang simply walked through the mainly Chinese suburban crowd & they just stepped aside & opened up a way for him to get to the stage. It was calm & generally good natured.
* From what I picked up from members of the public, international press & a few sources that wish to remain anonymous (organisers), the lead singer of Carburettor Dung was mainly pissing off PKR (Keadilan) members with his performances. Because most of the PAS supporters had already left the stadium when the band started performing. Apparently he said some things that “could be interpreted” as demeaning towards Anwar. Then again this type of music is sometimes filled with double entrendes & the messages could have been misinterpreted by any simpleton. I am not making a judgement call here, I am only reporting what I heard. So, when he dropped his pants, it was mainly pissed off PKR supporters or even non member, trouble makers (monkeys) & conservative elements in the crowd that started the violence & started throwing bottles. It’s also hard to tell as many we’re not wearing ‘party colours’ today (Protes T-Shirts). Throughout the day, there we’re many trouble makers & probably UMNO youngster gangstas there (as usual). All the monkeys came out to play! To wrap up this part, some AMK guys could have roughed up the members of Carburettor Dung as they we’re ‘taken’ out of the stadium. They went missing after, hope they are alright & give their account today. These are some photos I just discovered.
* More examples (AMK); as Anwar was leaving after his speech, a man had rushed him hurling abuses, but did not manage to get close. From what I heard later, many said he was punched & beaten up by AMK. Trust me, Unit Amal would never do that! They would just restrain him professionally, handle it without emotions involved & take him away.
* There we’re a lot of kids & families in the stadium throughout the day & as the crowd started to build up again after dinner & prayer time. Roughly 20,00 were there as the main speakers started to come – Anwar was after Kit Siang (Semut has some photos). PAS had warned that it was a family event with a carnival mood & that if there was any entertainment that was provocative to them, that they would leave. As a rocker I can say that even in the United States, Carburettor Dung would be classified as a band meant for those above 13 or 18 (Parental Guidance). So, with all the very young kids in the crowd, the organisers certainly made a bad call in asking them to perform. This type of bands can’t be controlled & I certainly do not want them to be! They are usually pro liberal / choice, rebellious & in your face. Nothing wrong with that! I also heard something about the pressure already building up around this issue, among the PR organiser (few events).
* Yes, many did take the reactive view & say that Unit Amal could have swallowed their pride & stayed, to maintain order & security. I respect their courage to stand by their claims & beliefs though.
* Many apologies we’re made throughout the night by the speakers & here is the thing folks… PR is made up of three parties of equals & diverse ideologies & bandwagons. Good! Not like BN – with UMNO the masters & their lapdogs. So please don’t go off attacking PAS without first examining the facts. This is a new partnership / relationship & remember… all 3 need each other to succeed & that PR are our only other option now. I’m sure they will value feedback that is given in a respectful & non-righteous manner.


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